After a year and a half, 21 releases, 554 commits by 23 contributors, 1708 requirements in specs, RMQ is finally at 1.0.0.

Deprecations will be removed in 1.0.1. I’m giving you one last chance.

bundle update ruby_motion_query

People who worked on this version: @squidpunch, @GantMan, @twerth, @vaughankg, and @markrickert


  • New cool color system, look at docs for basics: The old one works exactly the same
  • rmq.debug.colorize
  • (to go along with
  • Updated table template to make it simpler, no need for an extra stylesheet for the view, it just makes it overly complicated
  • Supports setting relative frames when a previous element does not exist. below_prev & above_prev should set set their frames relative to y=0 and right_of_prev & left_of_prev should use x=0 as their starting point when no previous element exists
  • added .ios_at_least? to
  • Added that returns the windows array
  • Added prefab date and time styles to


RMQ has a plugin system, here are 2 examples:

And a template for creating your own:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed problem where rmq inside a stylesheet couldn’t select views from the root_view. This bug sucked. If you couldn’t select a view in a stylesheet, this is why. Sorry about that
  • Changed current_view_controller to accommodate ProMotion-menu
  • Fixed grid spec failures in RM 3.0/64bit
  • Removed motion_print in gem file, requiring it was a mistake. To be clear, you should use motion_print, but RMQ doesn’t require it

Todd Werth /

Coder, designer, and founder of InfiniteRed. Created RMQ and writes the RubyMotion Dispatch.