New features, multiple styles, other misc

bundle update ruby_motion_query

People who worked on this version: @squidpunch, @GantMan, @twerth, @kemiller, @vaughankg, and @markrickert

This is the final release before 1.0. Once it’s in the wild for a while, we’ll move it to 1.0 and remove deprecation.


  • Multiple styles can be applied at once with apply_style and reapply_styles runs all styles in order. Added has_style? and styles accordingly.
  • Added stylers on UITextView, UIControl, UITableViewCell
  • Validation – valid/invalid array is now unique, even if you have multiple validations.
  • Short syntax (t,b,l,r) added to resource_resizable
  • Advanced array access (multi-argument, range, negative indicies) on RMQ selected.
  • Allow animated spinner to be centered.
  • Examples/Readme updates for XCode and typos.
  • Removed defunct methods/variables (like .ios_eight?)
  • Numerous updated and stable tests added! (47 specs and 222 requirements added)

Todd Werth /

Coder, designer, and founder of InfiniteRed. Created RMQ and writes the RubyMotion Dispatch.