You’ll want to update your gem and in your bundles

gem update ruby_motion_query
# Then in your app
bundle update ruby_motion_query

Thanks to all the contributors in this release: @twerth, @gantman, @squidpunch, and @markrickert

New features

  • This may break your code! – Changed before_prev, right_of_prev, etc to refer to previous sibling, not the previous view that was laid out. This both makes more sense and solves some logic problems that came up in real-world use
  • Gant Laborde has started Validation features. The first part is in this release, which is a validation utility. More advanced Validations is coming. rmq.validation.valid?('taco loco', :digits) == false. See class Validation
  • Added rmq docs your_query feature to rmq command in console, which searches the docs in your browser
  • Styler for UIProgressView

Bug fixes

  • Fixed error when app.detect_dependencies was set to false
  • Fixed tests to use new frame features

Todd Werth /

Coder, designer, and founder of InfiniteRed. Created RMQ and writes the RubyMotion Dispatch.