This is a major release

You’ll want to update your gem and in your bundles

gem update ruby_motion_query
# Then in your app
bundle update ruby_motion_query

Thanks to all the contributors in this release: @twerth, @gantman, @thinkclay, @alex-ross, @squidpunch, and @kemiller

New documentation and website

New website here

New features

  • Rect and frame system – see new docs
  • Grid system – see new docs
  • Inspector – rmq.all.inspector in repl
  • Added simple block to .animate
  • .data – rmq(UITextField).data or rmq(UITextField).data(‘foo’). .data is the most common data attribute on each type
  • has_tag? at rmq level – rmq(my_view).has_tag?(:foo)
  • weak_ref_value utilities
  • image_edge_insets for UIButton styler
  • styler for accessibility_label


  • st.padded
  • st.left
  • st.x
  • st.y
  • st.width
  • st.height
  • st.bottom
  • st.from_bottom
  • st.right
  • st.from_right
  • st.centered

Bug fixes

  • Fixed is_class?
  • Fixed send action – should only call method on views that support it
  • Misc bug fixes and many more tests

Todd Werth /

Coder, designer, and founder of InfiniteRed. Created RMQ and writes the RubyMotion Dispatch.